Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Sister" types

Here's another reason MBTI (the test) is bullshit: the closest relative of each type is often not super similar according to the dichotomies of F/T and N/S. 
We often see the 16 types grouped into 4 "teams", either NF/NT/SJ/SP or NF/SF/NT/ST, depending on your perspective. Let's call those "families". We could also group them by "sister" types, which are paired based on what each type does the most of/does most easily. These are actually the types *most similar* to each other insofar as they do about 80-90% of the same things. This is a way to think about the "Cognitive Functions" in a simple way. 
You can ignore all of that if it's confusing. Think instead that these are the two types that are MOST SIMILAR to each other, so if you are accurately typed, you would actually be closer to this other type than other types, even if this type isn't in your "family". Noted with each pair is the nickname of the thing they do the most of. 
Those would be grouped by: 
ENFP/ENTP: Breadth (sometimes called "Exploration")
INFJ/INTJ: Depth (sometimes called "Perspectives")
ENFJ/ESFJ: Harmony
INFP/ISFP: Authenticity
ENTJ/ESTJ: Efficiency
ISTP/INTP: Accuracy
ESFP/ESTP: Sensation
ISFJ/ISTJ: Tradition (sometimes called "Memory")

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