Monday, February 27, 2017

Differentiating between the NF types 101

All the iNtuitive Feeler types have a strong idealistic streak and a desire to make the world a better place. They are all, to varying degrees, empathetic, caring, curious about people, and interested in deep connection with others. They tend to be progressive and socially liberal, as they are able to understand, care for, and worry about people they don't personally know, and they are also able to hold conflicting ideas in mind at once. They enjoy meaningful conversation, understand abstract concepts and "possibilities", frequently employ the use of metaphor, and tend to approach the world from a humanist perspective. That is to say, having and understanding relationships are of paramount importance in their lives, whether intimately or generally. They tend to approach the world from the angle of we are all one "human family". 
That being said, I have a 95% success rate at determining which of the NF types a person is based on a few key words/phrases/concepts and by paying attention to what the person seems most concerned about or interested in. (Seriously- almost every new client I have gets an email from me later saying "Does this sound like you?" with a link to one of my blog posts and almost always the response back is OMG HOW DID YOU DO THAT. I've also typed many of you simply based on your statuses and how you interact on FB). Here's some shorthand: 
ENFJ asks: How do you feel, and how can I make the world a better place by helping you? 
Key Concept: Harmony
INFP asks: How do I feel, and how can I make the world a better place by doing what I think is right? 
Key Concept: Authenticity
ENFP asks: What is possible, and how can I make the world a better place by exploring the possibilities? 
Key Concept: Breadth
INFJ asks: What is probable, and how can I make the world a better place by understanding deeply? 
Key Concept: Depth
All four come from a feelings place, but notice that ENFJ and INFP LEAD with feelings, whereas INFJ and ENFP LEAD with understanding.

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