Monday, January 23, 2017


So, I tried it, and it didn't suck. I have had four distance coaching sessions since I posted the update a couple of weeks ago, and each one went really well. It helped that they were all NF types, so communication wasn't a struggle. 

What I realized today on my call was that what I can probably best offer is merely objective problem-solving assistance. Like, if you have an issue or problem and you just want an extra set of eyes on it, you schedule a phone call with me. You tell me the problem, I give you advice, and we may or may not ever speak again, but we both feel good about it. 

I can also do ongoing coaching, but I wanted to add and encourage the option of just being that random long-distance friendly voice you call when you need some advice. I can also do a consult on personality types or relationships. 

Email me if you want to know more or schedule a call. Again, it's $75 for a 45 minute call, and you PayPal me when we schedule the call to hold the slot, and then you call me at that designated time. If you've ever done actual therapy with a bad therapist at up to $250 an hour for weeks/months/years, you know that $75 is a steal if you actually feel like it helped you!!!!!!! I hope to always leave you feeling that way. :) 

Be well, y'all. Things are good in my world. I know I haven't updated here a lot, but I'll try to get better now that the baby is a little older and less constantly-needful.