Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On being an introvert...

The thing about being an introvert is that our energy is a non-renewable resource. There is only so much of it available in a day, and so we have to learn to be judicious about where and how we spend it. Being around awesome people nourishes us, teaches us, challenges us to grow, and/or simply makes us happier…but it does not give us energy, no matter how awesome they are. And being around not-awesome people drains us especially quickly.
If I think of my energy in terms of what it consists of (e.g., love, attention, time) and think of where I put it as an investment, it becomes clear that I cannot afford to invest it unwisely. I have historically been generous with my energy, and offered it without question to undeserving (people, places, activities) and then wondered why I felt energetically bankrupted.
Meditation: 2015 is the year where I am careful with my energy, and do my best to only invest it in (people, places, activities) which are likely to offer a high return on that investment, and to invest it mindfully and do my best not to waste it on (people, places, activities) that simply siphon it away.

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