Monday, March 16, 2015


So, I believe everybody has superpowers. I mean, clearly none of us can fly, or be invisible, or anything like that. Actual human "superpowers" are a bit less dramatic than that. But we do each have specific qualities that set us apart from others; our own unique idiosyncratic personality thumbprint, if you will. 

I say this in part as clarification, lest my readers suspect me of over-relying on Myers-Briggs' archetypes and not believing we are all snowflakes. 

Let me be clear, we are all snowflakes: unique, uncommon, one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before humans. Even the simplest of folks have some quality that sets them apart from everyone around them. I think it's part of a happy, healthy life to learn to identify our superpowers, and to harness and strengthen them in order to use them as forces of good in our lives. 

Many of us don't think nearly enough about how awesome we are, in my estimation. In fact, I'd say we generally spend way too much time taking inventory of all the ways we don't measure up, lamenting everything we did wrong, self-flagellating and feeling guilty. 

So spend some time today digging in to your self. Unearth your superpower if you haven't already; name it and celebrate it if you have. Use it every day. Your superpower is the thing about you that will shine most brightly and will require the least energy to access. It's the foundation of who you are. 

My superpower is multi-dimensional, but can be distilled down to this: intuition. Like, I just "know" things. It's always been useful for connecting with people, but it's not something I necessarily was able to identify until I started marinating on these concepts as a way to help my clients reach their full potential. My superpower is what makes me a good counselor and friend. It shows up as knowing the right questions to ask, seeing the patterns in words and behaviors, distilling down and naming nebulous concepts, using metaphors to explain complex ideas, and translating what is said into a digestible nugget of information. 

But before I knew this was my superpower, it wasn't as useful to me as it became once my consciousness grew. I didn't always know how to access it, or understand that this is where my power lies. It is where my best and truest work comes from. 


What's your superpower? What is the thing that sets you apart from everybody else and makes you feel alive and powerful when you use it? Name it. Nurture it. Manifest it. Let it serve you. 

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