Monday, March 6, 2017

INFP/INFJ relationship

INFJ and INFP are a pretty great pairing for friendship, and a pretty terrible pairing for romance, and here's why: 
They both abhor small talk, and share a desire for peace, harmony, and deep understanding of the world and the people in it, so conversation will be easy and satisfying. INFP will experience INFJ as very safe and understanding, and so INFP will open up in a way that is unfamiliar or difficult for them. INFJ will experience INFP as similarly safe and understanding, and that is great in a friendship. A friendship between these types will be fruitful and pleasurable and mutually beneficial. They will entertain each other with the ways in which they are similar, and different, and they'll likely bring out positive qualities in one another. Any conflict will be short-lived and/or issues will be intentionally ignored as to not cause rifts. 
However, in romantic situations, the difficulty may arise over time if theINFP doesn't endeavor to dig into the INFJ's depths, as the INFJ finds it hard to open up without the other person making a great deal of effort.INFP will assume (mistakenly, because they filter everything through how *they* do things) that INFJ will share what they want to share, whereasINFJ will actually be hurt that INFP isn't asking the right questions. INFJwill end up feeling like they are doing more work than INFPINFP is very sensitive, and so will likely find INFJ overly critical and harsh, which will frustrate INFJ because they do not see themselves as such. INFP will withdraw, which INFJ experiences as rejection/abandonment even thoughINFP doesn't intend to have that impact and then feels guilty they were harmful, which makes them withdraw more. INFJ can become needy, which is annoying to them both because it's out of character. Both are likely to be hurt by being misunderstood by the other.

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  1. do you believe this scenario holds true if you replace INFJ with ENFJ?