Wednesday, December 28, 2016

NEW SERVICE: Distance Coaching

Readers of my blog frequently contact me for distance coaching from faraway lands (like Oklahoma and Texas, most recently). Historically, I've declined for a variety of reasons, but for 2017 I've decided to try it. 
SO! For those of you not in St Louis who still wish to receive coaching from me, I am adding a telephone option with a few variations on my usual style: 
1) These sessions will be slightly shorter and less costly than standard in-person sessions, but will not be subject to sliding fee scale. 
2) They also will be called "coaching" rather than "therapy" because I cannot adequately attend to your mental health needs from a distance; if you need what would traditionally be considered "therapy" for a mood disorder or other issue, please understand that I will not be a good fit for you to meet those needs. What I can help you with via telephone coaching are everyday problems, relationship issues, and what we might call "existential crises". 
3) The other significant difference is that rather than exchange credit card info via insecure means like email, I'll only accept payments via PayPal.  (COST: $75 for 45 minutes) 
Please email me with questions or to schedule a conversation. I look forward to connecting with you in 2017!  

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