Wednesday, January 6, 2016

vulnerability is hard af

Let me tell you what Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability's ( video doesn't **fully** clarify - despite her acknowledgment that it is "challenging". The truth is that vulnerability is hard AF in real life. She writes and talks a lot about how good it is for you, and how Courageous Whole-Hearted Living requires it, and how we can transform our lives by embracing a life of vulnerability.
All that is true. 
AND it actually feels (to some of us) like trying to hang out on the edge of a roof with your toes hanging off and pretend you're not constantly in danger of falling off. AND you don't know whether the ground is soft or hard if you do fall. AND you don't know whether you're three feet or 1000 feet from the ground, so you're constantly going to try to, just, not fall off. So. 
To say it's "challenging" is a gross understatement. It's hard as fuck. It's worth it, and I advise you practice it, but I'll also go ahead and admit to you that you may not ever get comfortable on that edge. For some of us, there is simply not enough information available to make that edge ever feel safe. We may spend our whole lives stepping forward, and stepping back. Just keep working on the balance. Just keep committing to stepping up to the ledge. 

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