Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Updated Class Schedule for Summer/Fall 2017
Remaining classes for 2017:

All classes are small group format, informal, and interactive (but only to the degree you wish to participate; we don't do role playing or ice breakers or any of that shit. If you want to just observe, you're welcome to not say anything, and I promise not to put you on the spot). They're fun, I promise.

October 14: How To Do Conflict Well  ($55)

October 21: Step II MBTI ($175)

October 28: Boundaries ($55)

December 2: Personality Types 101 + MBTI assessment ($145)

(details about these classes
November 11: Online Dating (aka how to enjoy it and also not get murdered)
Details: Open to anyone 18 and over, but capped at 10 people. 

What it's about: We will discuss the perils and pitfalls and advantages of online dating, share our experiences (if we have some- newbies welcome too!), cooperatively craft the perfect profile, strategize how to attract the kind of people you'd actually want to meet, discuss safe/healthy ways to interact virtually, and also cover how to feel confident and authentic on first dates.

Bring: a laptop (if possible, but a tablet would suffice if you don't have a laptop) 

Email me at for details. I also offer discounted rates when enrolling in more than one at a time. No refunds once registration is complete, and payment is due in full to register. 

All classes are at 1 p.m. at my office in Webster Groves 

Here is a more robust description of each class and some fine print, from my website: 
I hope to hear from you! I love this stuff. :) xo

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