Sunday, September 28, 2014

Eggs & Baskets.

Here is a thing I said to a friend a while ago that I forgot to tell you about: 

"Don't put your eggs in anybody's basket if you can clearly see that their basket is full of holes. If you see the holes, and you go ahead and put your eggs in that person's basket anyway, and then (duh) the eggs fall out, you cannot reasonably be surprised, nor can you blame that person for the fact that your eggs are strewn about the ground. Hold out for a person whose basket is intact, even if you can see where it's been patched up time and again. By the time people get to be our age, everybody's basket is damaged in some way or another. So don't be alarmed by the normal wear and tear or the patches; all of that is evidence of their resilience, and that is the story of their life. Be alarmed by the guy who walks around with a f***ed up basket thinking you should give him some of your wonderful, perfect eggs just because he asks for them." 
(-me, 8/3/14)

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